Brussels Milling Feed Mill

Welcome to Brussels Milling & Supply, Door County’s feed mill, fertilizer, and animal health store. 

We offer a variety of feed and products for large & small animals.  Stop by and see what we have to offer!





Big Gain Dealer®

Feed & Nutrition

for dairy cattle in all stages of production



Custom Mixes

for your farm animals

or wildlife feeding



Health Products

for your

farm animals



Pet Food

for dogs, cats, rabbits, poultry, and more




to restore your

soil’s nutrients



Feed for Wildlife

and all of your

backyard friends




for around the farm



1331 County Road C

Brussels, WI  54204  map


Monday-Friday, 7:30am - 4pm

(920) 825-1444


Grain Services

soybean roasting,

corn drying, and storage

LaCrosse®  Seed

for hay, food plots,

lawns, and more



Milling & Supply, Inc.

Since 1980

1331 County Road C, Brussels          (920) 825-1444 



Food Plot Seed


Order your food plot seed in advance for discounts. Call for pricing or stop in to see our product guide.


Silo Guard II®


Silo Guard II protects the quality of your haylage, corn silage, and high moisture corn.

Order today!

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