Gluconate 23%

To be used as an aid in the treatment of

parturient paresis

(milk fever) in cattle.


Dextrose 50%

For the treatment of uncomplicated

ketosis in cattle.




250 or 500 ml



Scour & Pneumonia


Milk Replacer


VFD Required




Electrolytes Plus

A concentrated

nutritional supplement

6 lb. bag or

6 oz. pack


Asprin Bolus

To be used orally as an aid in reducing fever and in relief of minor muscular aches and joint pains in cattle and horses.


Aureo S 700®

Medicated Crumbles

Chlortetracycline & Sulfamethazine

VFD Required.

50 lb.

Mastitis Treatment

Today® and

Tomorrow® Dry Cow


Safe-guard® Dewormer

Crumbles for cattle and swine

“Now is the time to

deworm with Safe-guard”

Propylene Glycol

For use as an aid in prevention and treatment of Ketosis (acetonemia) in dairy cattle.






Veterinary antiseptic

protective wound

dressing.  For the

effective treatment of fungus infections, ringworm, surface wounds, cuts, etc.



Hoof Plex Foot Bath

Kills bacteria and fungus that can cause conditions like foot rot, hairy warts, and other foot problems. 


Please read and understand the product label before administering.  Contact your vet before administering.

Some brands may differ from what is shown below.  If you’d like to make sure the item below is in stock, please call ahead.


Parlor Pal®

50 lb.





Livestock & Poultry Dust

For lice and fly control on horses, cattle, and swine.

Also for fleas, ticks, and lice on dogs and cats.



Milk Energizer

For increasing the total energy level of your milk replacer.

8 lb.


Copper Sulfate

50 lb.




Maxi-Sorb Bolus

For use as an aid in relief of simple non-infectious diarrhea in horses and cattle.


Dr. Naylor®

Teat Dilators



A water-resistant protection for the treatment of thrush in horses and ponies. Waterproof.



Big Gain®

Decox or Amprolium

Coccidia Treatment

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