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Grain Services

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Corn Drying


Corn drying is available for the amount

you plan on using in your feed.


Grain Storage


Store your corn, oats, and soybean and

use it in your feed throughout the year.


Soybean Roasting


Using the soybean you grow in your dairy feed ration:

We can store, roast, and crack your soybean and include it in your feed.


Here are some benefits from including

roasted soybean in your feeding program:


Your soybean has an excellent source protein

The roasting process increases your percentage of by-pass protein

Your soybean has an excellent source of energy from whole seed fat

It is a consistent, palatable feed

Save money by using feed you grow


What is the ideal amount to feed?


Feeding roasted soybeans at a level of 2 to 4 lbs/head/day

(along with other protein sources) is ideal in most cases.

This adds valuable protein and energy to your ration without

overfeeding energy from a single plant source.


The amount of roasted soybean you feed depends on your total feeding program. 

It is not a pound-for-pound substitute for any other feed ingredient (including soybean meal).


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Corn Drying

Grain Storage

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Soybean Roasting

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